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Unser Team ist immer auf der Suche nach den praktikabelsten Lösungen, wenn es darum geht, die entscheidenden Herausforderungen der Branche für unsere Mandanten zu meistern und vorauszusehen. Im Laufe des nächsten Jahres sprechen wir über topaktuelle Themen wie Digitale Gesundheit, Klinische Studien, Lieferketten, Brexit und vieles mehr.

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In this episode, Jason Lohr and Imogen Ireland, are going to explore some interesting questions to do with whether or not patent law is set up to deal with innovations developed by AI. In the second half of the podcast, they’ll do a practical assessment of the potential legal issues stemming from the way in which AI is being used today.

In this episode, Randy J. PrebulaSusan D. Tiedy-Stevenson, and Erkang Ai, Ph.D. are talking about the "world" of what is considered to be in in vitro diagnostics, the current SARS-CoV-2 situation and the various IVDs that are being granted Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA.

In this episode, Jon Wasserman, a new partner at Hogan Lovells and former Bristol Myers Squibb vice president, is going to talk about his past, the state of the industry, his decision to make the move to Hogan Lovells, and a potential dinner with two British gentlemen and Abraham Lincoln.

On August 6, 2020, U.S. President Donald Trump issued his much-anticipated "Buy American" Executive Order (EO), aimed at shoring up domestic manufacture of "essential medicines", "medical countermeasures", and "critical inputs" (API and other raw materials), and decreasing dependency on non-domestic sources.

Philip Katz leads a discussion with Joy SturmMike Heyl, Kelly Ann Shaw, and David Horowitz about what they're seeing, what they expect, and what actions companies are – or should be – taking or considering.

In this episode, Arne Thiermann and Dr. Julian Braun, director of legal at Heartbeat Labs, discuss the opportunities and risks for international companies planning to enter the German market in the digital health sector, especially with regard to reimbursement and the impact of regulatory changes in Germany.

In this episode, May Lyn Yuen and Hein Van den Bos discuss the balance of innovation in drug development, the competitive aspects and affordability of medicines in Europe, and the changes in the regulatory environment at the EU Level as well as the EU Member State level.

In our latest episode, you will get to know members of our Science Unit Dr. Marion Palmer and Dr. Rachel Gribben, who talk about their experience working in this unit for over 20 years, as well as their latest work on COVID-19 related matters. We also discuss how they are providing pro bono work and what they do to relax.

As mentioned in the podcast, here is the link to support the crowdfunding campaign to fund the COVID-19 airways procedures box, which was created by Dr. Palmer and Mr. Declan Costello FRSC.

In this episode our partners Brooke Bumpers and William Ferreira talk about the growth of the telehealth industry during the COVID-19 pandemic and the opportunities and challenges for companies and providers in the United States and internationally. We also discuss how providers and patients are reacting to the increased use of telehealth.

As mentioned in the podcast, we just launched a new publication titled "What's on the horizon for virtual health?". In this report, members of our Global Digital Health team explore the opportunities and potential legal hurdles for companies involved in telehealth and remote monitoring – addressing both the regulatory exceptions that exist now, and the risks that will endure.

In this two-part interview with Philip Katz, head of the Hogan Lovells Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Regulatory Practice, we discuss developments in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry, the global practice of law in this space, his approach, when it comes down to managing his team and we also get to learn about Phil and his career journey.

In this episode our partners Jörg Schickert and Nikolas Zirngibl talk with Jörn Bungartz, an adviser in the digital health sector, about opportunities and barriers for venture capital in the life sciences and health care industry in Germany.

In this episode, Elisabethann WrightJane Summerfield, and Hein Van den Bos talk about developments in Belgium, the UK and the Netherlands and how the Covid-19 pandemic impacts clinical trials and the authorization process of the local authorities.

In this episode, Charlotte Damiano and Fabien Roy talk about reimbursement issues, early access and the collection of clinical data in France. In the end they both address general developments of the medical device regulation.

In this episode, Phil Katz and Jim Johnson continue their conversation about the impact of COVID-19 on FDA’s drug inspection program and the steps companies should take now and in preparation for when the pandemic is coming to an end.

For more information about the coronavirus and its impact, visit our COVID-19 topic center.

In this episode, Phil KatzDavid Horowitz, and Jim Johnson explore the impact on industry and FDA of the agency’s decision to halt foreign inspections and take other steps that reduce international activities. They anticipate further steps by the agency, and talk about how companies can strategically address the implications, which create obstacles but also opportunities.

In this episode, Michael S. Heyl and Jonathan S. Kahan explore questions around FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization authorities, how it has been used historically, and how it may be used for the coronavirus. They highlight very recent FDA actions and project how these authorities could be applied to address supply chain issues, in addition to the development of new technologies/devices to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of the virus.

In this episode, Arne Thiermann and Mike Druckman explore questions around the supply chain in the life sciences and health care industry. They highlight the reality and the expectation when it comes down to the draft of a contract in this kind of situations.

In this episode, Jörg Schickert, one of the leading life sciences and health care lawyers for regulatory and commercial issues in Europe, is going to talk about his work, his views on the industry and why he wouldn't change anything, if he had the chance to start his journey all over again.

In our first episode, Elisabethann Wright and Robert F. Church from our Global Regulatory practice explore questions around the use of digital tools in clinical trials and how they are regulated by international authorities. They highlight the confusion around clinical trials within the European GDPR framework.

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