Dr. Marion Palmer

Dr. Marion Palmer

Senior Advisor, Sustainability Policy and Strategy

Marion has spent over 20 years working with lawyers on scientific matters relevant to their legal practices. She is a founder member of the Science Unit which was formed to streamline the acquisition and processing of scientific evidence resulting in a more precise and economical service for clients.

Her experience lies in the identification of the relevant scientific themes in complex matters, recruitment of expert witnesses, analysis of scientific material and briefing lawyers with the information essential to their successful handling of the matter.

She has considerable experience of co-ordinating the provision of life sciences scientific material in cases bridging several jurisdictions to ensure consistency and accuracy of scientific argument. 

A particular focus of her work relates to sustainability and climate change. As Hogan Lovells Senior Advisor on Sustainability Policy and Strategy she has advised on the firm’s own sustainability strategy and Net Zero transition plans.

Her client work has also involved evaluation of sustainability policies and environmental claims, including target setting, data collection and methodology verification in relation to carbon emissions and wider sustainability metrics.

Marion's experience spans a wide range of industries, including life sciences and health care, retail and consumer goods, food and beverages, finance and telecoms.

Education and admissions


Ph.D., University of Cambridge

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