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COVID-19: Returning to the workplace

The global coronavirus pandemic has impacted workforces in different ways in each sector. As many global businesses now navigate plans to safely return their employees to the workplace, we are faced with a web of interconnected issues and variations across jurisdictions.

Returning to the workplace

Returning to the workplace

Responding and adapting

Responding and adapting

Industry sector insights

Industry sector insights

Our own response

Our own response

Latest updates

Latest updates

We have cross-practice teams of lawyers working with clients regionally and across jurisdictions to develop solutions to specific issues around returning to the workplace, and collaborating on comprehensive strategies for phased returns across different business units.

Our teams are brought together from employment, health and safety, government affairs, data and cyber security, healthcare, real estate, crisis communications and many other areas to create unique solutions, with the latest government guidance to hand. In addition, we are producing guidance notes and information to keep you up to speed on a regular basis and collated here.

Global resources:

Podcast: Key considerations for employers in getting employees back into workplaces across the globe, as lockdowns ease

COVID-19 Crisis Leadership Framework and Back to Work Index

COVID-19: A global guide

COVID-19 exit strategy: A global privacy and cybersecurity guide

Priorities for construction sites emerging from lockdown

U.S. resources:

As we predicted employees are bracing for a ‘PTO Bomb’ as vacation-starved employees make time-off requests

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat”: COVID-19 reopening protocols require Hollywood to adopt significant changes to production

COVID-19 Update: CDC issues testing strategy for COVID-19 in high-density critical infrastructure workplaces after a COVID-19 case is identified

Employers need to consider whether they must compensate employees for mandatory COVID-19 testing

CDC provides updated guidance and toolkit for employers preparing to re-open

What do "work-related" COVID-19 infections mean for employers

CDC and OSHA release interim guidance for manufacturing workers and employers

FDA issues reopening guidance for retail food establishments that closed in response to COVID-19

Back to work during COVID-19: A guide for retailers re-opening their doors

Return to Workplace U.S. Memorandum for Employers

Practical and legal considerations for reopening U.S. worksites related to COVID-19

UK resources:

COVID-19 and vaccinations – employment and data privacy considerations

COVID-19 UK: The Business and Planning Bill - a break in the clouds for the development industry

Re-open for business in the UK: How to safely re-open restaurants, pubs, and bars

The UK’s Job Retention Scheme

Re-open for business in the UK: How to safely re-open shops and retail outlets

Re-Open for Business in the UK: How to plan a safe return to the workplace

Exiting lockdown and the re-opening of UK workplaces: Employers' frequently asked questions

UK COVID-19: Back to the workplace – stay alert

Other regional resources:

Main measures included in the Royal Decree-Law 24/2020 of 26 June for the reactivation of employment and protection of self-employment and competitiveness of the industrial sector.

Mexico | COVID-19 I Technical Guidelines for the Reopening of Economic Activities are issued

The emerging normal: navigating UAE employment issues amidst the COVID-19 pandemic


Webinar: Listen to the on-demand recording

Navigating the return from lockdown in the UK

Webinar: Listen to the on-demand recording

CBI Daily Coronavirus webinar: Returning to work safely

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