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Pro Bono

Our world-leading pro bono practice underpins our commitment as lawyers to achieve lasting impact for others through our pro bono work.

Pro Bono

We consistently challenge ourselves to focus our time, skills, and resources to create a world-leading pro bono practice. Our commitment to pro bono is continually a strategic priority for the firm and alongside the historic partner leadership of the practice in the U.S., we appointed an International Pro Bono Partner, the first appointment of its kind, in Europe in 2020.

Focusing on access to justice and the rule of law, we have a long tradition of supporting ground-breaking social developments. As lawyers we recognize this commitment is part of our professional practice and collectively we spend 150,000+ pro bono hours per year on work to achieve lasting impact for others. The strength of our pro bono practice lies in our commitment to strategic litigation to bring about systematic change, which is complemented by ensuring we engage our commercial expertise to advise brave and pioneering individuals and nonprofits. Through our HL Business and Social Enterprise practice we act for innovators and entrepreneurs in the impact economy.

Our four strategic themes guide our actions, which are under-pinned by an emphasis on UN Sustainable Development Goal 16 - Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.

Pro Bono

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Pro Bono

Celebrating European Pro Bono Week

The third annual European Pro Bono Week celebrates the role played by volunteer lawyers, all across Europe, in supporting civil society and human rights organizations and...

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