Careers for global lawyers

The new dynamic

Welcome to a bold new way of working. Colleagues building new levels of confidence. Clients finding new levels of trust. Straight talking, outward-looking, practical and personal. We’re certain you’ve never experienced collaboration like this before. But then, you won’t have experienced a law firm like Hogan Lovells either.

Common mindset

We’re straight talkers here – upfront, honest, and ready to share what we know. So if you want to know what it’s like to work at our firm, there’s no one better to hear it from than our people.

Our global reach

You’ll become known as an expert amongst your peers – and you’ll certainly have plenty of them here. This is your chance to collaborate with some 2,600+ lawyers in 22 countries over six continents. To join one of the few firms with well-established teams in both the United States and Europe. It opens up new perspectives, new opportunities to progress – and you’ll access it all wherever you are in the world.

Our global reach

Strength in depth across areas and sectors

Strength in depth – that’s what we believe in. Ours is an extraordinary range of practice areas and industry sectors, but whichever way you look, we’re deeply experienced. We won’t offer a service or cover a sector any other way.

For you, it’s an empowering experience. Our known breadth of expertise attracts high-end global work in all areas. Plus, working among consistently high caliber minds, you’ll be able to tap into realms of knowledge, whatever your client might need.

Deep relationships

Our clients see us as an extension of their team, because we put ourselves in their shoes at every turn. They trust our recommendations, and we prove our worth time and again with commercially astute solutions.

With that kind of reputation comes exposure to a broad array of national and international organizations. We advise them all on a full spectrum of business issues, and each client relies on the fact that we bring a deeper understanding of their industry. That, and an uncanny ability to spot problems and opportunities on the horizon.

High quality senior opportunities

Your reputation matters – to you and to us. You’ll mould or even establish yours here, working on prestigious, interesting, and occasionally downright unusual work.

If you’re an experienced lawyer, this is the place to deepen your knowledge, and find deeper relationships with clients too. And with our global partner recruitment drive, you can be sure of remarkable prospects.

Personal growth

Whatever your level, you’ll be welcomed, trained and supported as an individual. That’s something we value beyond measure: the opportunity to advance, but also to stay true to yourself.

At every level, world-class training provides a springboard to reach your goals. In turn, you’ll share what you know with others, investing time and sharing knowledge to grow everyone’s talent. Inspire and be inspired by the challenges and opportunities you find here, and you’ll move upwards and onwards every day.

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Essential diversity

An open mind is the only way to build expertise – individually and as a firm. We exchange knowledge, views, and perspectives, and that sharing economy relies on the diverse backgrounds and cultures of our colleagues. We build each other up, welcome all opinions, and commit to supporting every individual.

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Consistently High Standards

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