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Key Labour proposals for employers

The “Delivering a New Deal for Working People” policy agenda (the New Deal) has far-reaching implications for employers if the Labour Party forms the next UK government. The...


AI issue spotting – A mastery series for lawyers

Since the launch of The Data Chronicles podcast in August 2023, we have recorded over 50 episodes covering a wide variety of topics and issues. Unsurprisingly, a common issue popping in...

Insights and Analysis

Intra-EU awards are still valid and enforceable outside the EU

Two recent decisions by the Swiss Federal Tribunal and the US Court of Appeal for the District of Columbia Circuit confirmed that international law – which regulates investment...


In major win for cosmetics industry, First Amendment bars new Proposition 65 lawsuits for titanium dioxide

On June 12, 2024, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California preliminarily enjoined the California Attorney General and all private enforcers of California Proposition...

Insights and Analysis

Key takeaways following the Luxury Law Summit – London 2024

Kelly Tubman Hardy (Consumer Sector Head and M&A Partner, Washington DC), Anthony Doolittle (M&A Partner, London), Maria Luigia Franceschelli and Emily Sharkey (both IP Counsel,...


Spain: Public consult on draft bill for minor’s protection, including age verification, consent, and loot boxes

The pre-draft bill (Draft Bill) on Spanish Organic Law for the Protection of Minors in Digital Environments has been adopted and is currently open for public comments until 28 June 2024....


EUCS: controversial data sovereignty issues continue to drive debate for cloud services

The European Union Cloud Services Scheme (“EUCS”) is a certification framework for cloud services introduced under the EU Cybersecurity Act. Currently still under consultation,...


MOVE Newsletters

The mobility and transportation industries are evolving at a rapid pace, presenting a significant challenge for businesses to stay ahead of new developments, technologies, and regulations....

Insights and Analysis

The activity of the Sub-Servicer holding a licence under Article 115 of the Consolidated Law on Public Security [TULPS] based on the guidelines of the Bank of Italy and case law.

This analysis is based on a recent decision of the Supreme Court (No. 7243 of 18 March 2024), which states "[...] The failure to enter the person actually in charge of the collection...

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