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Insights and Analysis

Digital transformation: the risks of providing non-digitally accessible products in the EU and UK

In the era of digital transformation, the need to ensure products and services are accessible to all, including those who experience some form of disability, is greater than ever. While...


UK passes Media Act 2024 with major changes to UK media regulation

In the rush of the “wash-up” process before the UK’s forthcoming General Election, the Media Act 2024 has completed the final legislative stages and became law on 24 May...


Italian Tax Bonus Decree: what's new on the Superbonus scheme

Through the conversion of Law Decree No. 39/2024 into Law No. 67 of 23 May 2024 (the "Tax Bonus Decree"), the Parliament has now approved a number of restrictions substantially...

Media Mention

Interview: Anne Salladin and Brian Curran on Biden’s Cfius order

Partners Anne Salladin and Brian Curran (both Global Regulatory & IPMT, Washington D.C.) provide their perspective on a public tip prompting President Joe Biden to force the divestiture ...

Media Mention

Interview: Aline Doussin on the current foreign direct investment climate

Partner Aline Doussin (Global Regulatory & IPMT, London) provides her perspective on the current foreign direct investment environment.


New developments on platform workers, unilateral undertakings and judicial settlements.

Our employment team reviews key decisions rendered in the month of April: from the adoption of the Platform Workers Directive, to the Supreme Court’s (cour de cassation) reminder on...


Security Snippets: DHS issues AI security and safety guidelines for critical infrastructure

DHS advises safeguards to protect AIs and to protect critical infrastructure from AI-powered attacks.

Insights and Analysis

South Africa – an introspective look – what have we done and where will we go?

As South Africa braces for the upcoming elections, my deep investment in the nation's future intensifies. With more than 23 years of experience as a legal professional navigating the...


UK Government’s snap general election stalls Bill intended to clarify litigation funding regulations

The UK’s snap general election has delayed indefinitely the progress of draft legislation which had been introduced with a view to restoring the pre-PACCAR status quo in which...

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