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Insights and Analysis

Not harder, still smarter? The new UK securitisation framework nears the finish line

The clock is ticking with the publication of the UK’s FCA and PRA final rules on securitisation; these will, together with The Securitisation Regulations 2024, provide a new framework ...


The EU Late Payment Regulation – unintended consequences for structured finance transactions?

The European Commission published a proposal for a regulation on combating late payment in commercial transactions last year which will introduce new rules, including that payments have to...


Advancing arbitration in Indonesia: Key changes under Supreme Court Regulation No 3 of 2023 (SCR 3/2023)

Arbitration has long been a preferred method for resolving commercial disputes in Indonesia. With the recent enactment of SCR 3/2023, significant changes have been introduced which should...


New York’s revised bill addressing sovereign debt – proposed change to current 9% interest rate

New York State lawmakers this week proposed a revised champerty and sovereign debt bill (Senate Bill S5623/Assembly Bill A5290) that now includes changes to the current rate of interest...

Insights and Analysis

New originators, are you ready for securitisation?

While securitisations offer numerous benefits, there are a number of important points for originators to consider to facilitate entering into a securitisation transaction and to avoid...


The Influencers Podcast: From tangible to tokenized - legalities of digital assets

In this episode of The Influencers, join Prof. Dr. Ulrich Segna, the Dean of EBS Law School, and Hogan Lovells host Leo von Gerlach as they explore the evolving civil law landscape in the...

Insights and Analysis

Marketing X Generative AI: The protectability of marketing campaigns designed with GenAI

If, as Dorothy Parker is attributed as saying, creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye, the appeal of using generative AI to create marketing copy is obvious.


A Q&A with consecutive Washingtonian Magazine honorees Neal Katyal, Kelly Ann Shaw, and Neil Chatterjee

For the third consecutive year, three of our lawyers have together been named among the “Most Influential People” in Washington, D.C. by Washingtonian Magazine. In our Q&A...


U.S. BIOSECURE Act: Key considerations for global cell, tissue, and gene therapy stakeholders

Efforts to curtail U.S. reliance on biotechnology companies in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and prevent certain data of U.S. persons from being provided to the Chinese...

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