Responsible Business

Strategic Themes and Partnerships

We work with our clients and other partners, using the law to build a better world for all.

Strategic Themes and Partnerships

We create partnerships and collaborate with others to achieve a positive impact in our communities and society.

Our work supports the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our four strategic themes and our key strategic partnerships. Everyone at Hogan Lovells is expected to dedicate at least 25 hours each year to approved responsible business work. This commitment is part of our cultural DNA and collectively we spend 244,000+ hours per year on work to benefit others.

Our Strategic Themes and Partnerships

Advancing racial justice

We have a long track record in opposing racism and using our power, influence, and legal skills to fight with and for the marginalized. We bring our resources, skills, and influence to work collaboratively in the community to address institutionalized racial discrimination. We pledged to provide 65,000 pro bono hours through 2023 to help break down the deeply rooted, systemic barriers in society that profoundly impact people of color, prioritizing: Criminal justice; Housing and Economic justice; and Voting rights.

Learn more about our advancing racial justice partnerships.


Empowering women and girls and supporting youth

To empower women and girls and support youth is to disrupt the trends of untapped potential, creating thriving local communities and igniting the global economy. We have a long-standing commitment in this area, including participation in the Clinton Global Initiative and a multi-award-winning global partnership with leading social enterprise Barefoot College.


Supporting innovation in environmental protection and advancing our sustainability goals

Inclusive and sustainable development is dependent on a healthy planet. We partner with The Wildlife Trusts, Snowchange Cooperative, Rewilding Europe, and Rewilding Britain to find solutions to environmental stresses such as climate change and biodiversity loss and to promote approaches towards ecological stability and renewal.

Learn more about our work to make Europe a wilder place.


External crises and change

We recognize our responsibility to offer support to humanitarian crises which affect our global community. We do this through partnerships with nonprofits including CARE International, Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders, and the International Rescue Committee.


Strategic Themes and Partnerships

The right tools in the right hands

PeaceTech Lab(PTL) is our global nonprofit partner. Their mission is to reduce violent conflict around the world using technology, media, and data. Their mantra is "the right...

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