Hogan Lovells secures compensation on behalf of Windrush Compensation Scheme client

A Hogan Lovells team consisting of Jennifer Dickey, Rhian Lewis and Josh Stickland have secured compensation for a client under the Windrush Compensation Scheme.

Our client travelled to the UK legally from Jamaica as a child with his family in the 1960s. He moved to London as an adult and was employed there until he was injured and forced to retire. Around the time of leaving his job, he was also evicted from his home without notice. When he applied for housing assistance from the council, he was refused on the basis that he could not prove he was lawfully in the UK.

As a result of this, he fell into homelessness for nearly 10 years and also had difficulties claiming benefits he was entitled to. These experiences have had a profound effect on his life, of which the compensation is only some recognition. Our Windrush Compensation Scheme initiative is part of our pro bono work to advance racial justice, and is co-led by Jennifer Dickey and Akima Paul-Lambert.

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