COVID-19: A global guide

Global governmental, regulatory, and other legal responses to the coronavirus pandemic.*

Use our guide to view global governmental, regulatory, and other legal responses to the coronavirus pandemic, compiled and regularly updated by our global team of cross-disciplinary lawyers. Review national responses on issues including government support and restrictions, the impact on transactions and trading, and the key issues in areas such as employment, data protection and real estate.

*Please note, our COVID-19 Global Guide is no longer being updated on a regular basis


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What countries and topics does it cover?

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Our guide is a comprehensive view from across our global firm. It covers 22 countries and has a selection of EU and international content.

The 17 topic areas include government support and government restrictions, trade restrictions, tax reliefs, employment, privacy and data protection, insolvency, the impacts on M&A and corporate, supply chains, and litigation as well as infrastructure and energy projects, financial institutions, insurance, real estate, antitrust, and intellectual property.

What is the benefit of our guide?

The scale of this pandemic means it impacts each company in a different way, depending on the size and scope of your operations, the complexity of supply chain and employee networks, and the markets in which you operate. With government responses differing around the world, and almost daily changes in each country, keeping abreast of the issues relevant to your business is a mammoth task.

To help you stay informed of the ongoing changes to law, our global guide is an easy-to-use, customizable, resource. You can review all content for a chosen country and compare topics country by country.

This short video provides an overview of the guide and how it works.

How do I get access?

Our clients have free access to our COVID-19 global guide. If you require access please reach out to your usual Hogan Lovells contact or complete the form below.

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