Area of focus

State Aid and Subsidy Control

A lot can be at stake for companies when it comes to EU State aid law and Subsidy Control. Important investments into infrastructure and R&D. Tax rulings. M&A transactions.

The lawyers at Hogan Lovells will guide you through the jungle of EU State aid law and the UK Subsidy Control regime ― regardless of whether your company is incorporated in the EU, the UK, or abroad. We help you understand the implications of State aid and Subsidy Control for your business and how you can benefit from government funding in a compliant way. We also represent clients in EU Commission investigations and national and EU Court proceedings, both as beneficiaries and as complainants regarding aid/subsidy for competitors.

Public bodies need to ensure that their funding decisions and other agreements comply with the EU State aid rules and the UK subsidy control regime. Businesses will need actively to monitor Subsidy Control measures on the government’s transparency database, so they can identify and, if necessary, challenge any unlawful subsidies granted to competitors. This means staying on top of how judges and regulators interpret principles in order to assess and manage the risk of challenges. Our team of market-leading Subsidy Control and Judicial Review lawyers have extensive experience advising on and assisting with State aid and Subsidy Control issues.

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