Corporate Governance and Public Company Representation

You can depend on the expert support of our leading securities and corporate governance lawyers across the globe. Our team currently serves as regular outside securities and corporate governance counsel to over 150 public companies and their boards – from newly public to S&P 100, FTSE 100, and other large listed issuers around the world, across a broad range of sectors.

We advise public companies and their boards on all aspects of compliance with applicable securities laws, stock exchange listing standards, corporate law, as well as crisis situations and strategic matters. Our familiarity with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other regulators and stock exchanges around the world enables us to anticipate their comments and, as a result, help take clients effectively and efficiently through the review process. In the U.S., several members from our team formerly held high-level positions with the SEC and a number of our alumni have risen to high-level positions in the agency.

We also have extensive experience advising on all types of corporate governance matters, including board and committee structure, board and executive compensation, investor relations, shareholder engagement initiatives, shareholder activism, shareholder proposals, annual meetings, board self-assessments, ESG, and compliance with stock exchange listing standards, including director independence and shareholder approval requirements.

We provide you with advice on handling day-to-day matters as well as strategic and special situations. We help you keep management and boards informed and prepared, we provide workable solutions to complex business issues, and we help you manage and assess risk to your company.

We are efficient. The practical knowledge you’re looking for is front of mind for us. Our focus on public company clients makes us well-versed on the issues that matter to you. We provide you with insight on new developments, expected changes in applicable law, and common industry practice.

In a competitive, global market, you need solutions and an advisor who understands your business. We can help you.

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