Government Relations and Public Affairs

We offer clients a formidable combination of political and legal intelligence. Many of our lawyers and policy advocates have extensive backgrounds in public service. We provide a fully integrated team of lobbyists, regulatory specialists and communicators operating under one budget.

Government policy and regulation define your business environment. Understanding the political landscape in which they are made, and knowing how to navigate it, can be critical. Having the right person in your corner to advocate on your behalf can be a crucial factor in your organization’s success.

When selecting your advisors, you need a team with the right relationships, the political intelligence, the legal knowledge — and a reputation for delivering results. 

Working at the intersection of business and government, we offer a unique approach to identifying emerging policy risks and opportunities. And to shaping legislation, policy, and government decisions to your advantage.

We take the time to learn the nuances of your business, and build these into our strategic approach. We also understand the political and policy-making environment in which you are engaged to make sure that we are respected and trusted by legislators and policy makers. 

We have an unparalleled combination of industry, regulatory, and legal knowledge. This, along with our understanding of the way governments and legislators operate, means that we can deploy the full range of arguments and approaches in a way that is sensitive to your needs and to the pressures on policymakers. 

Across the major policy-making centers of the world, including Washington, Brussels, London, and Beijing, our global team brings together deep regulatory knowledge and policy advocacy experience with local insight. We deliver results on a local or international level. 

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