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Real Estate Horizons is a snapshot of key legal topics and market trends across the globe.


By Jackie Newstead, Head of Real Estate industry sector group

Welcome to the latest edition of Real Estate Horizons, our brief snapshot of key legal topics and market trends across the globe. Instead of our usual brochure, we have decided to create a series of quick videos on topical issues that we think will matter to you and your business as we head into 2021.

2020 has certainly been an eventful year. COVID-19 continues to dominate the headlines around the world; the full extent of its impact on the global economy and on the real estate industry is yet to be seen. In the U.S., President-elect Joe Biden heralds the start of a new administration with fresh priorities for housing and real estate. In the UK and Europe, a Brexit deal or no deal is going to the wire, whilst state scrutiny on investment by international entities is becoming a key topic high on the agenda.

The real estate industry continues to be bombarded by technological changes, which challenge the way we work and the ways in which deals can be done, particularly when working from home. And let’s not forget ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and ESG investing and financing, which are increasingly key to decision making.

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Let’s Talk Brexit

The blurb will be: In this video Jackie Newstead and Hannah Quarterman discuss what Brexit means for the UK real estate industry. Watch the video here.

What does a Biden administration mean to U.S. real estate?

Lea Ann Fowler and Michael Kaplan discuss how the Biden administration will influence the U.S. real estate industry and how effective the administration will be in carrying out its objectives. Watch the video here.

Is real estate investment under threat?

Jane Dockeray, Ingrid Stables and Carola Houpst discuss new government scrutiny of foreign investment into the UK and the Netherlands and consider whether this will deter investors. Watch the video here.

Everyone's talking about ESG, but what does it mean?

Simon Keen and Adam Balfour take a deep dive into ESG, exploring what it means and how the growing interest in ESG and ESG requirements are set to affect us all. Watch the video here.

PropTech by numbers

Brace yourself for the future - Daniel Norris and Abbey Shepherd talk about what's on the horizon for PropTech fans including 5G, EV charging, blockchain and drones. Watch the video here.

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