Our Citizenship journey through Continental Europe

The reasons why we get involved in Citizenship activities are manifold.

Some say "it's doing good for society." Others say "it's everyone's duty," "it's mandatory," or "it's good for my career."

To explore these reasons, we have created a series of documentary-style films showcasing Citizenship as a journey of personal development. We followed four Hogan Lovells colleagues from Paris, Munich, Madrid, and Moscow as they experience their personal stories of social engagement.

The short films encourage one's own reflection on Citizenship and its real value following questions like: What is your own perception of social engagement? What does it bring to your professional and personal life?

The film series "A Journey to Social Engagement" was officially released on 31 October. Watch each episode below.

Project Lead: Mareike van Oosting (Hogan Lovells Citizenship Senior Advisor Continental Europe), Director: Kathrin Hoeckel (www.kathrinhoeckel.com) and Julian Wildgruber (www.madevision.com), Director of Photography: Julian Wildgruber, Editor: Kathrin Hoeckel, Hauke von Stietencron und Julian Wildgruber, Soundmen: Marcus Kirchhoff and Dominic Titus Music, Sounddesign: Oliver Deuerling, Mixdown: Fabian Schaller, Color Grading: Marcus Adam

Episode I: Social Entrepreneurship

Senior associate Eduardo Pérez is a hero of social engagement who, despite a highly demanding job and family responsibilities, helps wherever he can. This time, Eduardo supports young social entrepreneurs in setting up an online platform where people can buy perfectly edible food products cheaply that would go to waste otherwise. Asking them probing questions, Eduardo quickly detects the weak points in their business model and legal traps that can easily put these enthusiastic and idealistic young entrepreneurs in critical trouble. Each case is not only a new and exciting challenge for Eduardo. Looking into these innovative initiatives has an immediate impact on his own life as he starts becoming a food saver himself.

Episode II: Asylum Seekers

Partner Katia Merlini has an appointment outside the office, only a couple of minutes by taxi away from her workplace but in a totally unusual setting: a former Citroën factory now shelter for asylum seekers and homeless people. Her client is Sana, a young woman from Somalia, stuck in France asking so far unsuccessfully for asylum. Their meeting, which is part of the pro bono project called "Legal Clinic," is encouraging for one and thought-provoking for the other. Two people have made acquaintance who live and work almost next door to each other but whose paths would have hardly crossed otherwise.

Episode III: Youth Unemployment

Counsel Silvia Tomassone (formerly Lang) has accepted the role as a mentor to support a young lady in gaining a foothold in the German labour market. Due to a number of personal and family problems, Lara has already dropped out of three apprenticeships. This is her last chance to identify her own pathway and develop the discipline to last through the apprenticeship training without giving up at the first hurdle. For Silvia, choosing a career she loves and pursuing a plan until its successful completion is second nature. There is a lot Lara can learn from her. But quickly Silvia discovers that she can also learn things from courageous, free-spirited, artistically minded Lara who lives in the moment and looks to her uncertain future in a surprisingly relaxed way.

Episode IV: Cultural Heritage

Junior Associate Igor Antyushin travels to Yakutia, a vast territory in the North East of Russia, more than six flight hours away from the capital. Many of the languages spoken by local tribes are dying out and with them a very rich local culture, refined crafts, reindeer herding and nature handling skills, dances, songs, shamanic rituals and beliefs. To save them from extinction, an initiative is under way to include these traditions in the UNESCO World Heritage list. As Igor meets the local leaders to support them in this complicated process, he becomes aware of the value of developing and nurturing one's own culture.

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