Future-proofing privacy - A guide to preparing for the EU Data Protection Regulation

It has taken several years but we have finally made it to the start line. The modernisation of European privacy laws has reached a critical milestone and with the formal adoption of the new data protection framework, we can now begin to lay the foundations for the future.

Influenced by overwhelming technological advances and the Snowden revelations, the EU Data Protection Regulation introduces new accountability obligations, stronger rights and ongoing restrictions on international data flows. Overall, the new framework is ambitious, complex and strict.

Businesses operating in Europe or targeting European customers need to get their act together and start preparing for the new regime. At stake are not only the consequences of non-compliance, but also the ability to take advantage of new technologies, data analytics and the immense value of personal information. From determining when European law applies to devising a workable cooperation strategy with national regulators, there are many intricate novelties to understand and address.

Our guide “Future-proofing privacy” aims to be a useful starting point. 24 authors from 10 European Hogan Lovells offices have contributed their knowledge, efforts and advice to compile a unique resource of practical guidance. We have identified the key issues and explained why they matter. Crucially, we have approached the new framework with a practical mindset, providing concrete suggestions for actions to take now.

Our team’s close involvement in the development of this framework has given us the opportunity to point out where the challenges lie and, more importantly, how to deal with them in a responsible and effective way. I am immensely grateful to the entire European team of our leading Privacy and Cybersecurity practice – with a special mention to my co-editor Mac Macmillan – and I hope that this guide is helpful in ensuring that privacy practices can contribute to prosperity and innovation.

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