Offshore Wind Worldwide - Regulatory framework in selected countries

“Halfway through 2023 and we find ourselves in gripping times as the offshore wind market further grows—within the ‘first’ home regions and beyond. Along with these developments, not the least "offshore wind auctions taking place for the first time in markets like India, come market shakeups as supply demands in the offshore wind industry increase.” – Christian Knütel

Hogan Lovells invites you to read through the 2023 edition of "Offshore Wind Worldwide: Regulatory Framework in Selected Countries." Presented by Dr. Christian Knütel, Hogan Lovells' offshore wind projects specialist and WFO's General Counsel, in collaboration with Gunnar Herzig of the World Forum Offshore Wind (WFO), the handbook examines the evolving legal and regulatory frameworks that are shaping key offshore wind markets.

This 4th edition of the handbook expands its reach to include new chapters on the regulatory frameworks in Brazil, Norway, and the Philippines. It also covers notable regulatory developments and updates in fourteen other key markets, namely China, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the United States, Denmark, France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, and Germany.

As established offshore wind markets strengthen their presence and as the global demand for sustainable energy escalates, this handbook serves as an informative resource, that sheds light on the ever-changing regulatory dynamics in these key markets.

Fostered through a cross-continental collaboration between Hogan Lovells and “best friend” law firms, the Offshore Wind Worldwide handbook, enriched with industry insights, provides readers with access to the relevant laws and regulations in the featured jurisdictions. It is updated annually, making it a companion for years to come and a first-class reference for a global overview of the offshore industry’s regulatory landscape.

A free copy of the handbook is available here:

» Offshore Wind Worldwide — Regulatory Framework in Selected Countries

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