Zurich: Life Sciences and Health Care Horizons 2024

Staying ahead of the game: Pharma trends

We are pleased to invite you to our European Life Sciences and Health Care Horizons event. Join us on Tuesday, 18 June in Zurich.

Our Life Sciences and Health Care Horizons series of international events are helping participants understand and tackle the issues shaping the future of the industry, for your local market and globally.

Panels and discussions will feature hot industry topics:

  • Pharma evolution: Unpacking the EU Pharma Package ESG aspects
    Update on evolving legislation: Developments around the EU Pharma Law Package and ESG and supply chain due diligence requirements for life sciences companies.
  • AI and Life Sciences: Inside legal perspectives
  • Navigating the path: Insights into European market entry and pricing strategies for pharmaceuticals
    With market entry and pricing forming an ever more critical part of product launch, understand the latest legal developments to consider.
  • Brief supply chain update: Swiss selling into EU
  • The new EU Product Liability Directive
  • Tech transformation: AI and data in life sciences – the evolution of European Health Data Space - a global perspective
    This panel explores the impact of AI on global life sciences, focusing on Europe, the U.S., and China. We'll discuss AI legislation, including the European Health Data Space framework, and its influence on data use and health care AI. Our conversation will highlight regulatory challenges and opportunities, stressing strategic compliance to drive innovation ethically.


Register and select a breakout session for each of the two slots:

Breakout session 1

Breakout session 2

Unlocking potential: IVDR's impact on companion diagnostics development

Developing digital apps for patients/HCPs: Key legal and regulatory risks

HCP compliance: Recent developments in major European countries

Cybersecurity: Recent developments within the pharma industry
ATMPs: Understanding the European regulatory environment and latest developments

Clinical trials: Outsourcing, sponsor changes, digital means and transition of trials into CT Regulation

The event will conclude with a networking reception.
We hope you can join us at the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute.

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