2022 World Stem Cell Summit

Members of our Cell, Tissue, and Gene Therapies team presented three cross-cutting and dynamic panels at the combined 17th annual World Stem Cell Summit (WSCS) and Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine and RMF’s Annual Regenerative Medicine Essentials Course, June 6 - 11, 2022. The Summit is the most inclusive and expansive interdisciplinary, networking, and partnering meeting in the stem cell science and regenerative medicine field. With the overarching purpose of fostering translation of biomedical research, funding, and investments targeting cures, the Summit and co-located conferences serve a diverse ecosystem of stakeholders. Hogan Lovells is a proud sponsor of the World Stem Cell Summit.

Your World Compass for Commercializing, Manufacturing and Marketing Cell and Gene Therapies

Panelists from Australia, China, Paris, and Mexico City present on the global legal implications of cell, tissue, and gene therapies.

Hogan Lovells Panelists:

  • Mike Druckman, Partner
  • Ernesto Algaba, Partner
  • Mandi Jacobson, Partner
  • Lu Zhou, Partner
  • Mikael Salmela, Partner
  • Charlotte Damiano, Partner
  • Lowell Zeta, Partner
  • Carol Shao, Associate

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Biotech Start-Ups: Formation, Funding, and IP Licensing

Panelists present key considerations for raising funding, licensing , and collaborations for regenerative medicine companies.

Hogan Lovells Panelists:

  • Barry Burgdorf, Partner
  • Andrew Strong, Partner
  • Mike Druckman, Partner

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Evolving Government Reimbursement Issues, Investigations, and Early Planning for Interactions with FDA and CMS

A two part panel session on U.S. regulatory risks and opportunities for working with FDA and CMS.

Hogan Lovells Panelists:

  • Stuart Langbein, Partner
  • Tom Beimers, Partner
  • Mike Druckman, Partner
  • James Huang, Counsel
  • Sarah Thompson Schick, Senior Associate
  • Sally Gu, Associate

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For more information please visit: www.worldstemcellsummit.com.

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