Trade Secrets and Confidential Know-how

Our trade secrets team can help you safeguard your IP, navigate proceedings, and seek injunctions to recover or prevent the misuse of information.

Trade secrets and other confidential know-how are the lifeblood of your business. 

They can secure innovation and help you to maintain a strong market position. In some situations, confidentiality might be preferable to patent protection. However, developing strategies to prevent misuse and theft is essential to preserving the value of proprietary information.

We help clients like you to draft employee agreements covering confidentiality and nondisclosure. We formulate policies and practices to help prevent the theft of trade secrets by former, current, and future employees. And we prepare agreements for the license or sale of industrial secrets.

Representative experience

Conducting a six-month study published by the European Commission on trade secrets law: completing a comparative law assessment of protection against infringement in Member States.

Acting for a global chemical company in a dispute in the UK and U.S. relating to industrial secrets of a world leading antibiotic formula.

Successfully defending respondent uPI Semiconductor Corporation in an ITC enforcement proceeding alleging violation of a Consent Order by trade secret misappropriation and patent infringement.

Acting for a global life sciences business in UK litigation relating to alleged trade secrets infringement in the formulation of pesticides.

Advising a petroleum company on the protection of confidential know-how licensed to it and possible actions relating to a plant in danger of being seized.

Successfully defended a large communications company against damages claims alleging that our client misappropriated trade secrets in connection with the development of air-to-ground telephone technology.

Successfully represented a biotech company relating to alleged trade secrets theft by a venture capital firm seeking to invest in our client and a competitor. 

Advising a major software company in a case involving allegations of trade secrets theft relating to operating system software for our client's largest computer systems.

Acting for a trading firm to recover business critical confidential source code from a former employee and their new employer, involving simultaneous 24 hour search orders.

Representing uPI Semiconductor in a defense of Richtek Technology’s complaint for trade secret misappropriation in California state court.

Advising an international medical device company on suspected infringement of its trade secrets by one of its key ex-employees.

Advising Solvay Co. Ltd. in their defense of a trade secret misappropriation action brought in connection with the manufacturing process of the synthetic chemical vanillin.

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