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Marketing and Advertising

Effective marketing: focused, creative, clear.

Effective marketing: focused, creative, clear.

From creating compliant campaigns to challenging competitor claims, you need the right team. We are focused on working with advertisers, agencies, media, and regulators. We blend our experience with deep technical knowledge of regulation, privacy, and intellectual property. Experience and on-the-ground global knowledge enable us to provide pragmatic, commercially focused insight.

If consumers, competitors, or regulators say your advertising is misleading, we uncover and present the facts to defeat their claims. Likewise, when your competitors mislead consumers about their products, you can count on us to bring them in line.

Our lawyers help companies balance legal compliance with their business objectives from regulations and policies governing advertising and promotion to intellectual property considerations. We review your packaging, labeling, advertising, and product launches before you go live, to evaluate potential risks. And we defend you if your competitors decide to put up a challenge. If necessary, we can help you devise workarounds so you can continue to promote your products.

We help clients operating in heavily-regulated, fast-moving industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, gaming and media stay on top of global privacy policies and manage compliance concerns related to online advertising and analytics, content regulation, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, mobile applications, social media, e-commerce, and data science.

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