Executive Compensation, Employee Benefits, and Share Incentives

Well-designed compensation programs motivate performance and attract and retain talent. Legislative and regulatory changes, combined with heightened shareholder sensitivity and media focus on compensation, have made the design of appropriate compensation arrangements more and more complex.

Our lawyers work with companies all over the world to design, develop, and operate compensation programs that fit the needs of a particular business and reflect emerging views of best practice. We advise public and private companies, large and small. We know our clients’ businesses and industries and provide integrated solutions tailored to a company’s organizational and cost constraints.

We work with companies to design, implement, and operate cash and share incentive plans and other benefit programs that comply with tax, securities, employment, and other applicable laws around the globe. We work seamlessly with our client’s consultants, accountants, actuaries, and other advisors.  

Our lawyers are leaders of professional associations and industry groups shaping evolving policy in the areas of compensation, benefits, and corporate governance. Together with our public company advisory lawyers, we advise boards of directors, remuneration and compensation committees, and management on questions of corporate governance compliance and public disclosure of compensation arrangements.

We can help you address the issues that arise with compensation and benefit arrangements in mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs, IPOs, and other disposals.

We regularly draft and negotiate executive employment and separation agreements. As part of our practice in the U.S., we have extensive experience with all types of qualified and non-qualified defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans. We also have extensive experience with health and welfare plans and the complex web of laws and regulations applicable to these programs.  

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