Hogan Lovells rings in the New Year with 30 promotions to partner and 47 promotions to counsel

Hogan Lovells rings in the New Year with 30 promotions to partner and 47 promotions to counsel

Press releases | 03 January 2019

LONDON and WASHINGTON, D.C., 3 January 2019 – Global law firm Hogan Lovells today announced that 30 of its people have been promoted to partner effective 1 January across its global network spanning the Americas, the UK and Africa, Continental Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Commenting on the promotions, global CEO of Hogan Lovells Steve Immelt said:

"These promotions reflect the quality, breadth, and depth of our diverse practice around the world and our commitment to nurturing and growing our talent pipeline. I congratulate all those who were promoted and wish them every success as they continue their career with us.”

Each of the five practice groups is represented in the 2019 partner promotions:

  • Eight in Corporate (including in Commercial, Real Estate, and Tax)
  • Eight in Litigation, Arbitration & Employment (including in International Arbitration, Litigation, and Employment)
  • Five in Global Regulatory (including in Medical Device and Technology, Health Care, and Privacy and Cybersecurity)
  • Five in Finance (including in Banking, and Infrastructure, Energy, Resources and Projects)
  • Four in Intellectual Property

The additions to the partnership are a reflection of the firm's truly global legal practice. The new partners include:

  • Nine in the Americas, spread across our Denver, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. offices
  • Six in the UK and Africa, in our London office
  • 13 in Continental Europe, spread across our Amsterdam, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Madrid, Munich, Paris and Rome offices
  • Two in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, in our Beijing and Hong Kong offices
  • 12 women and 18 men.

In addition to the 30 new partners, 47 of our lawyers have been promoted to counsel.

The new partners are:

Eliza L. Andonova − Global Regulatory (Health Care), Washington, D.C.

Joke Bodewits – Global Regulatory (Privacy and Cybersecurity), Amsterdam

Christelle Coslin – LAE (Litigation), Paris

Fred Cristman – Finance (Banking), Washington, D.C.

Daniel Dehghanian − Corporate (Transactional), Düsseldorf

Daniel Flore – LAE (Litigation), Frankfurt

Juan Garicano – Corporate (Tax), Madrid

Katie Gill – Finance (Banking), London

Sherry Gong − Corporate (Transactional), Beijing

Martin Haase – Corporate (Real Estate), Düsseldorf

Allison M. Holt – LAE (Litigation), Washington, D.C.

Ben Hornan – LAE (International Arbitration), London

Alexander Koch − Corporate (Transactional), Hamburg

Louise Leung – Finance (Banking), Hong Kong

Sean Marotta – LAE (Litigation), Washington, D.C.

Massimiliano Masnada – Corporate (Commercial), Rome

Katie McConnell − IPMT, London

Meg McIntyre – Corporate (Tax), Washington, D.C.

Lars Mohnke – LAE (Employment), Munich

Stephan Neuhaus – IPMT, Düsseldorf

Paul Otto – Global Regulatory (Privacy and Cybersecurity), Washington, D.C.

Kelliann H. Payne – Global Regulatory (Medical Device and Technology), Philadelphia

Martin Pflüger − IPMT, Munich

Jamie Rogers – LAE (Litigation), London

Fabien Roy – Global Regulatory (Medical Device and Technology), Brussels

Colleen E. Roh Sinzdak – LAE (Litigation), Washington, D.C.

Ben Sulaiman – Finance (IERP), London

Christian Tinnefeld − IPMT, Hamburg

Elizabeth H. "Liz" Titus – Finance (IERP), Denver

Paul Tonkin – Corporate (Real Estate), London

The new counsel are:

Tobias Ackermann – LAE (Litigation), Munich

Denis Almakaev – LAE (IWCF), Moscow

David Antón – Global Regulatory (Environment and Natural Resources), Madrid

Jessica A. Bisignano – Corporate (Transactional), Philadelphia

Jessica Black Livingston – LAE (Litigation), Denver

Francis Booth – Finance (Banking), London

Matthew Bousfield – Corporate (Transactional), Singapore

Nathan Buckley – Finance (IERP), London

Joel D. Buckman – Global Regulatory (Education), Washington, D.C.

Charles-Henri Caron – LAE (Litigation), Paris

Neil Chisholm – Corporate (Insurance), London

Nathan Cooper – Finance (Banking), Washington, D.C.

Arnaud Deparday – Corporate (Transactional), Paris

Allison M. Donovan – Corporate (Transactional), Denver

Ghina Farah – Corporate (Financial Services), Paris

Markus Franken – Corporate (Real Estate), Frankfurt

Anna-Katharina Friese – IPMT, Hamburg

Emma Fulton – IPMT, London

Andrew Furlow – Global Regulatory (Health Care), New York

Dylan Goedegebuure – Finance (BRI), Amsterdam

Alejandro Gonzalez – Finance (Banking), Madrid

Dennis C. Gucciardo – Global Regulatory (Medical Device and Technology), Washington, D.C.

Margaux J. Hall – Global Regulatory (Health Care), Washington, D.C.

Robert N. Hayes – Corporate (Transactional), Washington, D.C.

Lisa Hofmeister – LAE (Litigation), Düsseldorf

Oliver Humphrey – LAE (Litigation), London

Tobias Kahnert – Corporate (Transactional), Munich

Silvia Lang – LAE (Employment), Munich

Sophie Lok – Finance (Banking), Paris

Andrea López De La Campa – Corporate (Transactional), Mexico City

Wojciech Marchwicki – LAE (Litigation), Warsaw

Marlen A. Mittelstein – IPMT, Hamburg

Nico Neukam – Corporate (Tax), Düsseldorf

Aaron Oakley – IPMT, Denver

Melissa Ordonez – LAE (International Arbitration), Paris

David Palmer – Finance (IDCM), London

Hannah Piper – LAE (Litigation), London

Alan Tirzo Ramírez Casazza – Global Regulatory (ACER), Mexico City

Christian Ritz – Global Regulatory (ACER), Munich

David Sharfstein – LAE (IWCF), Washington, D.C.

David W. Skaar – LAE (Litigation), Los Angeles

Tomoe Takahashi – IPMT, Tokyo

Jeanett Trad Nacif – Global Regulatory (Environment and Natural Resources), Mexico City

Oliver Wilson – Corporate (Commercial), London

Jenny Yim – Finance (Banking), Hong Kong

May Lyn Yuen – Global Regulatory (ACER), Brussels

Rik Zagers – IPMT, Amsterdam