Hogan Lovells hosts Third Annual Global Energy Summit in Houston

HOUSTON, 29 November 2016 –Hogan Lovells held its third Global Energy Summit: Survival of the Smartest: Innovate, Adapt, and Thrive Monday November 14 and Tuesday November 15 at the St. Regis Hotel in Houston.

The exclusive event brought together more than 160 participants, including experts on global energy developments and executives from the world’s most influential energy companies and sources of capital.

Panels at the event covered cutting-edge exploration of sector trends and strategic discussions of energy markets, capital demands, and investment opportunities. They also focused on how energy executives can innovate in a world overrun with ideas, adapt to an evolving landscape, and lead their organization through challenging times.

Another key theme which resonated throughout the event, was the level of impact President-elect Donald Trump will have on energy policy and the energy sector more broadly.

“It’s not surprising that the biggest question post-election was what does the future hold?” said Kevin Lipson, a partner in Hogan Lovells’ Energy practice, and Chair of the Global Energy Summit. “There was a general optimism and upbeat perspective from all the panelists on the impact President-elect Trump will have on the energy sector. With respect to climate change policy, concerns were minimized, as industry insiders discussed how current legislation in place can’t change. In addition, shared predictions of increased M&A and decreased regulation within the energy sector, were met with positive feedback.”

Hogan Lovells partners speaking at the event included Scot Anderson, Global Head of the firm’s Energy and Natural Resources sector; Mary Anne Sullivan, partner in the firm’s Energy Regulatory practice; Kelly Hardy, partner in the firm’s Corporate practice in Baltimore; Matthias Hirschmann, Energy partner in Hamburg; Bruce Oakley, managing partner of Hogan Lovells’ Houston office; Warren Beech, mining partner in Johannesburg; Tokyo Energy partner Joseph Kim; and  oil, gas and LNG partner Richard Tyler in London.

“This year’s Summit was certainly the most successful and invigorating one to date,” said Scot Anderson, Global Head of the firm’s Energy and Natural Resources sector. “One of the key takeaways was the recognition that the energy sector is global. What happens in one part of the world, impacts the other, without question. We’re at a pivotal time in our industry, and I’m excited to see how the shared best practices and lessons learned from all attendees, will benefit their companies in the months and years to come.”

Highlights of the event included:

An onstage post-election discussion with Paul Begala, Strategist and CNN political commentator; and Karl Rove, Strategist and Fox News contributor.
A keynote presentation by José Antonio González, Chief Executive Officer, Petróleos Mexicanos.
A keynote presentation by David B. Kultgen, General Counsel and Secretary from 2010 - 2016, Saudi Aramco.

Panel sessions at the event included:

Restructuring to Evolve in the New Energy Economy

  • A discussion on innovative restructuring in the energy sector, including new deal terms, financing mechanisms, and trends in M&A and consolidation.
  • Trends within the deal market have included an increased reliance on private equity and preferred equity investments, more joint ventures and more creative financing solutions.

Distinguished panelists included: David Baggett, Founder and Managing Partner, Opportune LLP; Dean Ferguson, Senior Vice President, Energy Strategy and Development, TransCanada Corporation; Anatol Feygin, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Cheniere Energy, Inc.; Sylvia J. Kerrigan, Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary, Marathon Oil Corporation; Jan Laubjerg, Chief Executive Officer, FlowStream Commodities.

Impact of COP21

  • The impact of the election on climate change policy.
  • The United States’ commitment to the hard-fought agreement to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions will remain intact.

Distinguished panelists included: Douglas Jay Arent, Ph.D. MBA, Executive Director of the Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; R. Scott Brown, Market Initiatives & Analysis, Governmental and Regulatory Affairs and Public Policy, Exelon Corporation; Drew Murphy, Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning, Edison International; Alex Rozenfeld, Founder & Managing Partner, Climate Impact Capital, LLC

Leadership in Energy

  • What’s keeping these CEOs up at night and what will confound them in the future?
  • The impact of the recent U.S. election

Distinguished panelists included: Steve G. Crowell, President and Chief Executive Officer, Pluspetrol Resources Corporation; Mauricio Gutierrez, President and Chief Executive Officer, NRG Energy, Inc.; Pedro J. Pizarro, President and Chief Executive Officer, Edison International;  John D. Schiller Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer, Energy XXI.

The closing keynote address was given by Bobby Tudor, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.

For more information about the event and an ongoing discussion of related issues, please visit the Hogan Lovells’ Global Energy Summit microsite at http://www.hlges.com/.

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