Hogan Lovells helps to secure a significant 'right to be forgotten' ruling for Google

Press releases | 01 October 2019

The European Court of Justice has ruled that the ‘right to be forgotten’ does not extend beyond the borders of the European Union. This landmark ruling dictates that search engine operators face no obligation to remove information outside of the 28-country zone.

Hogan Lovells has assisted Google since the very beginning of this case before the French Data Protection Authority, the CNIL, during summer 2015 and continuously assisted Google before the French Administrative Supreme Court as well as before the ECJ.

The core team working on the case includes Christine Gateau (Partner, Paris), Winston Maxwell (Partner until May 2019) and Pauline Faron (Senior Associate, Paris). Neal Katyal (Partner, Washington, D.C.), Eugene Sokoloff and Thomas Schmidt (Senior Associate, New York) provided support from a US-perspective and Marco Berliri (Partner, Rome), Eduardo Ustaran (Partner, London), Gonzalo Gallego (Partner, Madrid), David Taylor (Partner, Paris) provided support from a EU perspective.