Non-compete agreements: simplifying the way forward

Are you up-to-date on the latest developments in non-compete law in the United States? Do you know what steps your organization needs to take to ensure compliance and protect your business interests?

California has implemented two laws - SB 699 and AB 1076 - which not only require employers to provide notices to employees of void non-competes, but also reach beyond state lines to ban non-competes regardless of whether the non-compete was signed, and employment was maintained, outside of California. While these laws might seem straightforward, many employers are left with more questions than answers as to the scope, breadth, and potential implications of these laws.

Join us on 29 February for a webinar to answer your toughest questions, including:

  • What type of provisions required notice under AB 1076?
  • We missed the deadline to send notices. What should we do now?
  • We have employees in other states. What do we need to be thinking of for their non-competes?
  • How does this affect covenants in connection with corporate transactions?

We welcome you to join lawyers from our Employment practice as we simplify the intricacies of non-compete law and provide invaluable insights for employers amidst the evolving legal landscape of non-competes.

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