Global Class Actions announces State of play fall webinar series

We are pleased to share with you details of an upcoming webinar series from our Global Class Actions practice group designed to explore the complex class action landscape. This fall, we will focus on two regions, the European Union and the United Kingdom.

These presentations are aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of the class action trends sweeping through Europe and the potential impact on companies doing business in member states.

Hosted by Global Practice Heads, Craig Hoover and Matthias Schweiger, Part One of the series, 'Class Actions in the EU: State of play' will be held at 3:00 pm CET (9:00 am ET/2:00 pm BST) on Wednesday, 4 October 2023, where a panel of attorneys from Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and the Netherlands will convene to discuss the key issues, recent developments, and what to expect in the coming year.

Part Two, 'Class Actions in the UK: State of play' is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 9 November 2023, at 3:00pm CET (9:00am ET/2:00pm BST), with more information to come.

Registration is open below for Part One.


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