Supervisory board members' liability - latest developments

Our German Corporate Litigation team regularly hosts webinars on different corporate litigation topics.

The liability of supervisory board members is becoming increasingly important in practice. It is often about the question that supervisory board members have failed to accept liability in a timely manner for members of the management board who act in breach of their duties. A current decision of the Federal Court of Justice (in German “Bundesgerichtshof”, in short “FCJ”) is particularly in focus. In particular, there are discussions on under which conditions such board liability claims of the company against supervisory boards exist and when these expire. For how long is a "second recourse" possible? Can this even lead to an almost unlimited liability of the supervisory board? And is the management board still obliged to assert such claims which may date back many years or decades?

In our next webinar, we will discuss the liability risks for supervisory board members and the obligations of the board of directors to examine and assert such claims. We will focus on practical issues and the latest developments in case law.

The webinar will be in German.

Please click here for more information (in German).

Should you be interested in attending the event, please contact Vanessa Luke ([email protected]).

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