Area of focus

International Programs

A branch campus in China. A field office in South Africa. A study abroad site in Mexico. An online course in Saudi Arabia. Our worldwide team guides institutions through these and other transnational initiatives.

We daily advise on faculty and staff postings abroad, international recruitment, foreign degree programs, and cross-border research. We tackle the nuts and bolts of international ventures, including corporate structure, licensure and accreditation, research compliance, and export controls. 


Representative experience

Advised several universities on negotiation and operation of comprehensive campuses in China, the Middle East, Europe, and Central America.

Established more than two dozen sites in Africa for university sponsored projects there, including for scientific research, clinical trials, and humanitarian service.

Advised a large state university on establishment of study abroad centers across Brazil, Mexico, and Spain.

Appointed to a university’s International Operations Steering Committee to guide the institution’s cross-border risk-management and compliance efforts.

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