Supporting essential workers

With the outbreak and spread of COVID-19, the District of Columbia has undergone a seismic shift in daily life. Residents are resilient, but many across the District and from all walks of life are feeling the impacts of the novel coronavirus physically, emotionally, financially, and otherwise.

In order to help meet the critical and dynamic needs of frontline and essential worker on a timely basis, we assisted in developing a dedicated clearinghouse website – The website provides up-to-date resources such as transportation, childcare, mental health, food assistance, lodging, and supplies and cash assistance, and also allows individuals, corporations, philanthropic organizations, and others to make cash donations to help meet the urgent needs of hospital, healthcare and frontline workers fighting the pandemic.

This massive undertaking, spearheaded by D.C. Appleseed Center for Law & Justice, stems from a report on the needs of frontline workers during the pandemic.

The website, which we will continue to update and maintain, was featured in a Washington Post article.

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