Supporting amendments to the Domestic Abuse Bill

Hogan Lovells and Twenty Essex have supported the charity Hestia with drafting and tabling amendments to the Domestic Abuse Bill which is are currently progressing through the House of Lords.

The proposed additions to the Domestic Abuse Bill addresses significant gaps in the current legislation. As the Bill advances through the House of Lords, we believe the amendments will redress glaring omissions in the way the current system deals with victims of domestic abuse at work, at home and in state care and education. In particular the Bill should:

  • maintain the places of children in refuges or fleeing abuse on NHS waiting lists;
  • provide equivalent priority access to education for children who are victims of domestic abuse;
  • extend the employer's duty of care; and
  • improve the NHS response to disclosure of domestic abuse.

Through Hestia's delivery of support, they have seen the impact of domestic abuse on adults and children alike, especially as Britain has endured lockdown and social restrictions this year, often forcing victims to remain home with their abusers. That is why Hogan Lovells and Twenty Essex have chosen to work on a pro bono basis in partnership with Hestia.

Read Hestia's press release.

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