Helping victims of terrorism

In recent years a number of violent terror attacks in the UK and Europe have shocked the world, and the underlying legal processes are still ongoing. We have a long-standing commitment to the protection of victims' right to an effective remedy, which includes the provision of pro bono advice to victims of terrorism.

In 2005 we worked with the Law Society of England and Wales to establish the first pro bono panel of lawyers to support survivors through inquests and the legal issues arising from London Underground attacks. Since then, we have provided support on every major multi-fatality security incident in the UK – including Finsbury Park Mosque, London Bridge, and Westminster Bridge in 2017, and we supported survivors of the Bataclan in Paris in 2015.

We successfully worked with families to bring about the introduction of new UK legislation for a new compensation scheme for victims of terrorist incidents outside the UK. We are currently representing families bereaved in the Manchester Arena bombing at the public inquiry established by the UK government to investigate the deaths and make recommendations for the prevention of future deaths.

Families have said it would have been impossible to have gone through these onerous court hearings alone, and we know that without legal representation, a number of important public safety and security issues – including failings by the government, security services, and the emergency response – would not have been considered and addressed.

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