Finance for restorative justice

We support Lotus Flower, which is led by genocide survivor Taban Shoresh and supports women and girls impacted by conflict and displacement. They have provided three centers of support, located in the refugee camps in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, for survivors from the ISIS conflict of 2014 as well as more recent troubles.

We are providing international human rights litigation advice to Lotus Flower and the Yazidi survivors of gross violations of human rights and war crimes. We have advised on the potential for war crime prosecutions of foreign fighters and represented clients before the prosecutors of International Criminal Court and the war crimes prosecutors of UK, Germany, and Australia.

In the absence of criminal accountability, we are undertaking groundbreaking litigation in Australia to seek compensation from the victims assistance scheme in respect of universal jurisdiction crimes perpetrated by an Australian foreign fighter.

We continue to work at an international level to develop our proposal that would allow victims of sexual violence to access reparations and rebuild their lives. This involves using existing financial sanctions regimes and fines that are levied against those who breach them to provide funding for compensation. The proposal was first presented at the High-Level Roundtable on Accountability for Da'esh Crimes at UN Headquarters New York and continues to be discussed for example at the Global Counter Terrorism Forum 2020.

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