Expanding NGO reach from Vietnam to Australia

HopeBox is a social enterprise empowering women in Vietnam to live free from sexual abuse and violence. Statistics in Vietnam show that 58 percent of married Vietnamese women have suffered physical, sexual and emotional violence by their husband; 87 percent did not seek to report the abuse at the time. HopeBox provides women the means to raise their children in a non-violent environment by accessing paid-work, accommodation and other tools to enable them to be financially independent.

We are supporting HopeBox to expand their reach from Vietnam into Australia to establish new partnerships and raise funds. We have advised on the appropriate legal entity and structure for its Australian charitable operations and assisted in successfully setting up a not-for-profit vehicle. We will continue to work with HopeBox to apply to, and liaise with, the appropriate government departments to ensure charity status is granted to the newly incorporated vehicle and support them as they expand their mission.

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