Electoral participation in Mexico

To promote electoral participation in the next Mexican elections we created the Manual de Participación Ciudadana en Materia Electoral - Electoral Matters Guide for Citizen Participation which explore the importance of voting and the elections.

The main objective of the manual is to promote voting among citizens in forthcoming elections and to encourage participation as electoral observers. The information provided is set out in three key areas:

  • information related to the electoral process, the types of elections and the next midterm elections in which the Chamber of Deputies will be renewed;
  • presenting ways of citizen participation in the electoral process, such as voters, poll workers, candidates for a position of popular representation or electoral observers; and
  • a brief description of the procedure to process voter's credentials, whether processing for the first time, renewal, replacement or change of address. Finally, a section is included with information for electronic voting so Mexicans abroad can vote.

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