A wall that unites

We are advisors to the Great Green Wall initiative, developed by CIVC in association with the African Union. The Great Green Wall is an African-led movement with an epic ambition to grow an 8,000km natural wonder of the world across the entire width of Africa.

With approximately 15 percent underway, the initiative is already bringing life back to Africa's degraded landscapes at an unprecedented scale. It is a compelling solution to many urgent threats, including climate change, drought, famine, conflict and migration. Once complete, the Great Green Wall will be the largest living structure on the planet; three times the size of the Great Barrier Reef.

We have advised on legal agreements which underpin the ambition, including the intellectual property rights for the production of the documentary on the Wall which we co-sponsored with the UNCCD. The film features renowned Malian singer Inna Modja and takes us on a music-driven journey of hope, hardship and perseverance across Africa's ambitious Great Green Wall.

Watch the official trailer.

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