2016 Pro Bono Report: A Light in the Storm

We have published highlights from our 2016 Pro Bono Practice in a report, "A Light in the Storm." The Pro Bono Practice is an important part of our Citizenship program and is a core value that underpins our business practices.

The annual report provides a snapshot of some of our 2016 pro bono work, including addressing violence, advocating for democracy, protecting the vulnerable, and standing up for the LGBT community. It also includes details about ways in which we teamed up with clients to have an even greater impact on the community. Pro Bono Champions — individual lawyers whose contributions truly stand out — are also highlighted in the report.

"Our dedication to making a genuine difference in the lives of those around the world who face abuse, oppression, and discrimination is crystal clear in this 2016 report. I could not be more humbled by the progress we've made across our pro bono focus areas," said Yasmin Waljee OBE, International Pro Bono Director in London.

"I am consistently amazed by the incredible character, authentic care, and hard work of Hogan Lovells individuals who contribute to our pro bono efforts," said T. Clark Weymouth, Pro Bono Partner based in Washington, D.C. "Our approach to consciously, as a firm, attend to specific needs of our surrounding communities that map to our people's skills and interests makes a big impact on our pro bono success."

We received more than 20 awards and accolades in recognition of our pro bono work last year. That includes The National Law Journal's 2016 Pro Bono Hot List for our representation of former federal air marshal Robert J. MacLean in his landmark victory before the U.S. Supreme Court, and Third Sector's Best Charity Law Firm for our legal work in helping the London Air Ambulance purchase a second rescue helicopter to reach an additional 400 critically injured people each year.

Further detail on these initiatives and many more can be found by viewing the report here.

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