EU Products Law

| 28 October 2020

A Guide to Product Compliance, Product Liability and Product Safety for the Automotive & Mobility Industry (by Dr. Sebastian Polly with contributions from our Global Products Law Practice)

Product compliance, product liability and product safety are imperative – not only to ensure product marketability but also to protect a company, its brands, its products, its markets and its decision makers from unnecessary legal risks. Particularly in the automotive and mobility industry, civil, public/regulatory and criminal law challenges may pose risks during the entire product life-cycle. Accordingly, sophisticated risk mitigation strategies require a holistic approach. 

This book provides a summary of the legal landscape as well as practical guidance, particularly on how to deal with major product compliance, product liability and product safety challenges and on how to prevent and/or handle a product crisis. It focuses on helping decision makers and stakeholders, stretching from engineers, developers and programmers to in-house counsel and managers. The book consists of three parts:
  • Part 1: The EU product compliance, product liability, product safety and type-approval landscape
  • Part 2: Market-by-market guidance on a selection of key jurisdictions (with contributions from our Global Products Law Practice)
  • Part 3: Compilation of Main EU Product Compliance, Product Liability, Product Safety and Type Approval Provisions

2020_EU Products Law

The book includes contributions from Hogan Lovells Products Law teams around the world including Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Spain and UK.

It is available on amazon and epubli.