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Brazilian Central Bank Regulatory Sandbox

On February 11, 2021, the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) decided through a majority decision that the right to be forgotten (direito ao esquecimento) is inconsistent with the...

Hogan Lovells Publications

From Bridgegate to Wall Street: Kelly, Blaszczak, and the scope of insider trading liability

Since the Supreme Court's May 2020 decision in the "Bridgegate" case, United States v. Kelly, the scope of the decision’s impact on federal white collar criminal prosecution has been...

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UK | Remote hearings in the English courts – Learning points and pitfalls to avoid

We have recently successfully represented a client at a 3-day remote hearing relating to an application for specific disclosure. In line with the recent guidance from the Commercial Court,...

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Ordinances no. 2020-303, -304, -305 and -306 of 25 March 2020

4 ordinances were taken by the Minister of Justice this 25 March 2020, in application of law no. 2020-290 of 23 March 2020 to face the health emergency situation:

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Past crises model virus response for mortgage industry Law360

To prepare for the impact of COVID-19 on the mortgage industry, in the short and long term, lessons can be learned from prior natural disasters. Superstorms Sandy, Irma, Harvey, and Maria,...

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COVID-19 and the terms of existing contracts in Poland

The “business as usual” strategy, as adopted by many market players, allows for the minimisation of negative consequences and the avoidance of destabilisation. Nevertheless,...

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Are secured creditors secured? Finance Alert

Supreme Court issued guidelines on bankruptcy and suspension of debt repayment – you might want to rethink your options. The highest judiciary authority in Indonesia, the Supreme...

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Closing ahead? Check how the coronavirus can affect your transaction in Poland and be prepared

It has already become obvious that the COVID-19 outbreak has had a tremendous impact on the markets across the entire world. Each day shows us how significant this impact on the global and...

Hogan Lovells Publications

Newsletter - News, regulation and effects of the COVID-19 crisis in Spain

Hogan Lovells Madrid office analyses the news, regulation and effects of COVID-19 in Spain.

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