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High-profile corruption grapples Southeast Asian businesses GovMedia

In this interview with GovMedia, Nick Williams (Partner, Singapore and Head of Litigation, Arbitration and Employment – Asia Pacific) and Khushaal Ved (Counsel, Singapore) share more...

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In the crosshairs or at a crossroads? Indonesia’s anti-corruption inflection point Anti-Corruption Report

The anti-corruption enforcement landscape in Indonesia has changed significantly in recent years. With the application of a new criminal code and restrictions on the authority of the...

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You’ve got mail… So what? Messaging issues for business in Southeast Asia Anti-Corruption Report

Ephemeral messaging apps and personal devices pose important questions for investigations in Southeast Asia. What are the implications of the March 2023 DOJ guidance on ephemeral and...

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Conducting life sciences investigations in Vietnam

With almost 100 million people, Vietnam has the third-largest population in Southeast Asia after Indonesia and the Philippines and the ninth largest across Asia. This large population...

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New country corruption risk forecast tool offers a different approach from the corruption perception index Anti-Corruption Report

A new Corruption Risk Forecast (CRF) tool is giving compliance practitioners and business leaders an alternative to the commonly used Transparency International Corruption Perception Index...

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