What biotech employers need to know about COVID vaccines and returning to the office

Members of Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) are invited to join us for a webinar to discuss corporate planning for returning employees back to physical in-office work. John Murphy, Deputy General Counsel and Vice President, Legal, BIO and Hogan Lovells Partners Melissa Bianchi, David Horowitz, and George Ingham will provide guidance and insights on a variety of questions regarding COVID-19 protocols, including:

  • Whether COVID-19 vaccination can be mandated for returning employees.
  • How to handle data and privacy issues associated with vaccination protocols for returning staff.
  • How companies should assess plans to roll back other COVID-19 protocols in offices as vaccines become more available.
  • The workplace laws that apply for employees who do not want to be vaccinated.
  • How the vaccine roll-out is progressing and how states are handing essential vaccine distributions – including for biotech employees.

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