Practising Law Institute: Real Estate M&A and REIT Transactions 2022

Join Hogan Lovells partners David Bonser and Cristina Arumi as panel leaders in Practising Law Institute’s Real Estate M&A and REIT Transactions 2022 program.

Throughout 2021, professionals specializing in REITs saw dynamic economic market and legal changes in high-stakes real estate M&A causing many to rethink prior strategies and practice modules. In addition to COVID-19, the rise in ESG demands and changes in the SEC and IRS regulatory framework have all contributed to significant changes in principles of governance and timing of REIT transactions. This full-day course is designed to equip practitioners and analysts with strategic, practical knowledge to remain competitive in this unique sector by providing up-to-date information on real estate M&A and REITs.

Details of David and Cristina’s panel sessions are as follows:

11.30 am – 12.30 pm EST: REIT M&A and strategic transactions – Overcoming complexity and uncertainty

  • Latest trends and developments in Delaware and Maryland Law, and implications for deals
  • Innovations in deal technology – Mergers, Tender Offers and other mechanics
  • Strategic M&A and UPREIT combinations
  • Controlling shareholder complications
  • Conflict transactions in REIT M&A; how to manage a special committee process
  • Evolutions in market checks
  • REIT conversions, REIT to REIT spins and other cutting edge structures

1.30 pm – 2.45pm EST: REIT Tax: Cutting through the issues in a changing tax landscape

  • REIT trends in REIT transactions
  • Mergers
  • Joint ventures
  • Preferred equity
  • Money matters: Managing the REIT distribution requirement
  • Loss utilization
  • Taxable stock distributions
  • Gain harvesting
  • Taxable spin-offs by REITs
  • Gain and basis consequences
  • REIT considerations
  • Related operating partnership divisions
  • Recap of 2020 guidance and what to expect in 2022

This program will be presented via live webcast.

Register here: Practising Law Institute: Real Estate M&A and REIT Transactions 2022

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