Managing Litigation Risk, Privilege, and Discovery – Practical tips and cost-effective strategies for Japanese companies

Litigation, including patent litigation, has many challenges and risks. Notably, uncovering information and protecting, to the extent possible, proprietary information can be a cumbersome and expensive process. In our experience, many companies often find it challenging to produce discoverable materials, such as paper documents and electronic records, that may reveal sensitive details about key products, new technology, research and development, testing, marketing, and profit margins.


Join (in person) two of our global dispute resolution partners, Oliver (Ollie) Armas and Sam Zimmerman, along with Tokyo office managing partner and IP partner, Dr Frederick Ch’en, as they delve into managing litigation risks from a U.S. and UK perspective and discuss how Japanese companies can successfully navigate proceedings to minimize risk and safeguard proprietary information. Our experienced practitioners will also discuss cost-effective strategies, explain the potential scope, availability, and extent of legal privilege, and share practical advice and lessons learned from litigating and arbitrating matters in a variety of different jurisdictions.

We hope you can join us.

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