London Tech Week 2019 - "Yeah, we gotta take the power back"

Back in 1992, long before Google and Facebook were founded, Rage against the Machine were raging against the state of the U.S. education system. Some 27 years later, we are seeing global regulators raging against the relentless growth of Big Tech.

Record fines are being levied in both Europe and the U.S. for privacy and anti-trust violations. Is this consumer protection or purely protectionism? What's fuelling the zeal with which regulators are attacking Big Tech and can they keep pace with a world where AI, blockchain, MR and autonomous vehicles are about to explode into the mainstream. Our panellists will debate what's driving this shift in focus, and whether regulatory intervention represents an opportunity or a threat both to existing incumbents, or the scale-ups that want to become the next FANGs or BATs. We'll also be discussing what this means for M&A opportunities, both for private equity and trade. 

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