UPC Invitation - Evidence before the UPC

Please join us for our international webinar series: "The new Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court – Evidence before the UPC"

The Unified Patent Court (UPC) has now been running for about a month, and more than 20 cases have already been filed. These include infringement actions and revocation actions, but also applications for provisional measures and applications to preserve evidence. More than 200 protective letters have also been received by the UPC.

No decision of the UPC is available on public records as of yet. Orders to preserve evidence may already have been granted but are likely to be kept confidential for the moment.

In our last seminar dealing with injunctions before the UPC, we notably touched upon orders to preserve evidence. During this new seminar, we will more broadly address the regime of evidence before the UPC, in particular the following topics:

  • Burden and standards of proof
  • Role of witnesses and experts
  • Orders to produce evidence and information
  • Protection of the confidentiality of the evidence

Participation in our webinars is free of charge. Please note that we will be using Zoom for our webinar. We can provide alternative access. The Zoom details will also provide an option to join by phone should that be required – just let us know.

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