The new Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court – Kick-start 2023

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The Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court will bring about the biggest change in European patent law since the adoption of the European Patent Convention (EPC) more than 45 years ago. The Unified Patent Court will not only have jurisdiction over unitary patents, but will also, after a transitional period, replace the national court systems with respect to European patents. Now that the legal provisions are essentially in place and the start of the new system is just around the corner, the time has come to familiarize yourself in depth with the new patent system.

Over the coming months, our new webinar series on the Unified Patent Court will familiarize you with the fundamental principles of litigating in the new court system and we will update you on all the current developments.

As part of our 2023 kick-off event, we will address the following topics:

  • Local, regional and central divisions – who does what.
  • The appeal process in the Unified Patent Court.
  • Which division of the Unified Patent Court is responsible for which proceedings in terms of subject matter and location?
  • Will the plaintiff continue to have the flexibility to choose a forum or can he be forced to appear before the central divisions in Paris and Munich?
  • And what language will be spoken in court, the home language of the court, the language of the patent, another language?

All these questions will play a major role in approaching litigation for plaintiffs and defendants alike.

Participation in our webinars is free of charge.

Please note that we will be using Zoom for our webinar. We can provide alternative access should that be required – just let us know.

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