European Sale & Leasebacks: trends and market outlook

During this webinar, CBRE and Hogan Lovells will consider the trends we're seeing across the European S&LB market. S&LB transactions offer a range of benefits on both sides of the investment equation. As the cost of raising debt finance remains challenging, corporate real estate owners can raise cash (against full asset value) to deploy on business strategy and avoid refinancing horizons, meanwhile investors benefit from less volatile income driven returns over the medium to long term. Join us for market and legal insight, how transactions differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and where we think the market is heading.

We will cover:
  • Structuring considerations 
  • How S&LB transactions differ between jurisdictions  
  • European S&LB trends and outlook 
  • Sector focus: UK grocery market
  • Lender Appetite
  • Market and legal panel Q&A  
Why this matters:

The European S&LB market is a large yet relatively untapped market. It has the potential to offer an appealing set of deal dynamics to corporate owners and investors alike. S&LBs were once the preserve of distressed companies in need of emergency or “last resort” capital. They are now being adopted as a strategic financial and tax-efficient instrument for many types of business across many sectors. As the European market repositions itself, investors ready to deploy capital can take advantage of being an attractive alternative to traditional sources of funding and offset occupational cap ex on to the tenant during the life of the net leasing structure.

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