ESG and Insurance Developments in Europe and the US

In the European insurance markets, firms are moving to embed ESG principles in their business practices, and there is widespread acceptance of ESG as a critical business consideration. The picture in the U.S. is less clear, with a patchwork of varying ESG-related policies developing coupled with a rise in anti-ESG sentiment across different states.

In this webinar, we will discuss the lay of the land in Europe and the U.S., including in relation to: 

  • Sustainability reporting
  • Litigation risks, such as climate litigation and greenwashing claims
  • Attitudes towards ESG, including anti-ESG sentiment
The webinar will be hosted by members of our global insurance team from the U.S., Germany and the UK, as well as a special guest from the industry – Tobias Buecheler, Global Head of Regulatory Affairs at Allianz SE. 


Click here to watch the recording

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