Data Centers and ESG – how "green" can they be? Part 1

This webinar is a two part series on the intersection between data centers and ESG. While this might sound like an oxymoron, and indeed, many data centers need to work on their sustainability, they also have the potential to achieve carbon neutrality. In this webinar we looked at the soft laws and self-regulations impacting landlords, tenants, and investors and the steps you need to take to turn your data centers "green."

A snapshot of topics covered:

  • The contractual demands that tenants are placing on developers to perform better in ESG
  • How to balance tech trends driving greater environmental benefits vs the demand for new data centres
  • How data centers can try and achieve carbon neutrality
  • Commercial contracts for clean and renewable energy
  • The impact on community relations
  • How to appeal to investors who use ESG metrics

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