AI and Drug Development: IP and data protection challenges

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not new to the life sciences industry but its use in drug development is rapidly growing, as life sciences companies increasingly recognize the benefits of using AI at all stages of the drug development lifecycle.

In this complimentary webinar being held on 19 November, the members of our London life sciences team will help you understand what you need to know when using AI tools in drug development, in order to best protect your invention from an IP perspective, and avoid falling foul of EU and UK data protection laws. 

In a 45-minute long Q&A, our in-house scientists Marion Palmer and Rachel Gribben will discuss the way in which AI is currently being used by the life sciences industry. Imogen Ireland will answer questions on the intellectual property issues arising from using AI in the drug design phase to identify novel compounds for therapeutic uses, such as whether an AI-derived invention can be patented. Lilly Taranto will answer questions on the challenges from a data protection perspective of using AI tools in the later stages of the drug development lifecycle, from clinical trials through to analysing the success of the drug using patient data.

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