ParalympicsGB and Hogan Lovells UK

ParalympicsGB and Hogan Lovells UK

The ParalympicsGB has trusted us for legal support and guidance for more than a decade as its Gold Partner and Official Legal Services Provider – a relationship that predates Beijing 2008. As part of our commitment to the BPA, legal advice, secondments, and volunteers have been provided across a variety of areas, including commercial contracting advice, branding protection, and assistance to teams and athletes with classification and sport-specific challenges.

Over the years, ParalympicsGB has gained a reputation for excellence among the world's leading sporting nations, achieving historic results in London 2012, Sochi 2014, Rio 2016, PyeongChang 2018, Tokyo 2020, and Beijing 2022. We will continue to support the team as it prepares for, and competes at, the Paris Games..

Between 2015-21, Paralympic, World, European and Commonwealth Champion swimmer Ollie Hynd MBE was appointed as the firm’s Paralympic Ambassador. Since 2018, we’ve also provided bursaries to offer financial support to 55 incredible athletes. The bursaries help athletes with any aspect of their sporting development, including additional coaching, transportation to training camps and competitions, nutrition and equipment.

GB Wheelchair Rugby, World Wheelchair Rugby, Boccia UK and the International Boccia Federation have also received pro bono support from us as part of our commitment to para-sport.

The legal support we provide

Richard Welfare, Hogan Lovells Partner, leads the work we do for the ParalympicsGB. As a commercial lawyer, he advises the ParalympicsGB on their contractual arrangements, whether with their athletes, other partners, suppliers, or their Games-time agreements.

As you can imagine, Games-time is a particularly busy period for the ParalympicsGB. Their resources are pushed to the limit. This is when we work closest with them, with senior lawyers supporting them on the ground and teams of lawyers in our London office, ensuring the ParalympicsGB has all resource it needs. Throughout this time, we'll help with everything from clarifying the rulebook to IP infringements.

Ollie Hynd MBE, Hogan Lovells ParalympicsGB Ambassador (2015 – 2021)

We supported Ollie from June 2015 until his retirement in 2021, and he remains a treasured friend of Hogan Lovells. Ollie started swimming at a young age, but it was watching his brother, Sam, compete in the Beijing Paralympic Games in 2008 that inspired him to become a ParalympicsGB athlete. Since then, Ollie has become one of the greatest Paralympians in British swimming history – as one of the few athletes to hold the titles Paralympic, World, European and Commonwealth Champion simultaneously.

Name: Ollie Hynd 

Length of career: 9 years competing internationally 

Top 3 accolades: 

1) Paralympic gold at London 2012

2) Double Paralympic gold at Rio 2016

3) Double world record at Rio 2016

How you got into your sport: I got into the sport due to my parents wanting me to learn to swim. I always loved being in the water and was very competitive at a young age, so this lead to me joining my local swimming club. I gradually built my way up, until I was selected to train with Nova centurion swimming squad, who I still train with today. I started off competing at regional level until I had progressed all the way to representing GB in 2011.

Your proudest moment in sport: My proudest moment in sport would be winning two gold medals at the Rio 2016 games.

Favourite/iconic moment in sporting History: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer scoring the winning goal for Manchester United in the 99’ Champions league final.

Your most inspiring sporting hero/figure: Michael Phelps and Cristiano Ronaldo

Nicholas Cheffings Para Athlete Bursary Recipients (2018-2023)

2023 bursary recipients:

Emmanuel Oyinbo-Coker - Athletics
Samantha Kinghorn - Athletics

Olivia Breen - Athletics, long jump

Aaron McKibbin - Paralympic Table Tennis

Hope Gordon - Paracanoe

Rebecca Bedford - Powerlifting

Beth Munro - Taekwondo

Felicity Pickard - Table tennis

Jude Hamer - Wheelchair basketball

  2022 bursary recipients:

Columba Blango – Athletics

Shona Brownlee MBE – Para Alpine Skiing

Krysten Coombs – Para Badminton

Fin Graham – Cycling

Millie Knight – Para Alpine Skiing

Maddie Martin – Wheelchair Basketball

Neil Simpson – Para Alpine Skiing

Alex Slegg – Para Alpine Skiing

Jack Smith – Wheelchair Rugby

Emma Wiggs – Paracanoe 
2021 bursary recipients:

Gaz Choudhry – Wheelchair basketball

Kim Daybell – Para Table Tennis

Charlotte Henshaw – Para Canoe

Jack Hunter-Spivey – Para Table Tennis

Tully Kearney – Para Swimming

Maria Lyle – Para Athletics

Stephen Miller MBE – Athletics, Club Throw

George Peasgood – Para Triathlon; Para Cycling

Chris Skelley – Judo

Jess Stretton – Para Archery

2020 bursary recipients:

Kare Adenegan – Para athletics

Hollie Arnold, MBE – Para athletics

Jody Cundy, OBE – Track Cycling

Andy Lapthorne – Wheelchair Tennis

Stephen McGuire – Boccia

Megan Shackleton – Para Table Tennis

Laura Sugar – Paracanoe; Para Athletics

Gavin Walker – Wheelchair Rugby

Laurence Whiteley, MBE – Para rowing

  2019 bursary recipients:

Richard Chiassaro – Para Athletics

Jade Jones-Hall – ParaTriathlon

David Smith MBE – Boccia

Tania Nadarajah – Para Archery

Callum Hall – Para Athletics

Thomas Matthews – Para Table Tennis

Helen Freeman – Wheelchair Basketball

Lucy Shuker – Wheelchair Tennis

Jonathan Broom-Edwards – Para Athletics

Jamie Stead – Wheelchair Rugby

2018 bursary recipients:

Rich Amos – Boccia

James Barnes-Miller – Para Snowboard

Ayaz Bhuta – Wheelchair Rugby

Kelly Gallagher – Para Alpine Skiing

Jodie Grinham – Para Archery

Jack Daniel Peters – Para Alpine Skiing

Leif Thobroe, – Para Taekwondo

Nicholas Cheffings Para Athlete Bursary 2024

This is our seventh year supporting para athletes with a bursary. The 2024 bursary will provide financial support to para athletes who have aspirations of being selected for the Paris 2024 Paralympics Games.

The bursary is intended to help athletes with any aspect of their sporting development, including additional coaching, transportation to training camps and competitions, nutrition and equipment.

Each of our recipients have an amazing story to share. Find out more about them, their career and their sporting triumphs here:

Natasha Baker

Name: Natasha Baker OBE

Sport: Para equestrian

Length of career: 13 years

Top 3 accolades:

1) Double gold - London 2012 Paralympic Games

2) Triple gold - Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

3) Gold and two silvers - Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

How you got into your sport: My mum rode competitively so horses have always been a huge part of my life. I've grown up with horses and always rode as a child but found the riding for the disabled association when I was nine years old. I was then inspired by Sydney 2000 and was talent spotted a year later. The rest is history.

Your proudest moment in sport: Winning double gold at my first, and home, Games!

Favourite / iconic moment in sporting History: Such a hard question as there are so many but being an equestrian at heart, I would have to say the British dressage team winning the team gold in London 2012 for the first time ever in the Olympics. It was spine tingling good!

Your most inspiring sporting hero / figure: Was always Tanni Grey Thompson and Lee Pearson growing up. I'm now lucky to be able to call them friends and to have had Lee as a team mate.

Follow my journey: Instagram - @nbakerpararider

Fran Brown

Name: Fran Brown

Sport: Para cycling

Length of career: Three years paracycling, four years prior as a Paralympic Triathlete

Top 3 accolades:

1) Champion - 2023 UCI Women’s C1 Road Race and Time Trial

2) World record holder and champion - 2023 UCI Women's C1 Individual Pursuit

3) Champion - 2022 UCI Women's C1 Road Race and Time Trial

How you got into your sport: I switched to cycling in 2021 after competing at theTokyo 2020 Paralympic Games in Paratriathlon. I made the switch due to my Crohn’s disease making running to the level I needed to stay competitive in triathlon impossible. Cycling doesn’t impact my gut and as the strongest cyclist in my paratriathlon class I was encouraged to focus solely on cycling. I started riding a bike again after my spinal cord injury as a way of getting to places that were too difficult to access on foot as walking is challenging, which then lead onto paratriathlon and paracycling competition.

Your proudest moment in sport: Winning the 2019 ITU World Paratriathlon PT2 World Championships.

Favourite / iconic moment in sporting History: Seeing GB Triathlon Win the inaugural Olympic Mixed Relay gold.

Your most inspiring sporting hero / figure: Chrissie Wellington

Follow my journey: Instagram & Twitter - @franrbrown

Piers Gilliver MBE

Name: Piers Gilliver MBE

Sport: Wheelchair Fencing

Length of career: 14 years

Top 3 accolades:

1) Individual gold - Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

2) Individual Silver - Rio Paralympics 

3) Team silver and bronze - Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

How you got into your sport: I first found the sport in 2010, I was just looking for a hobby to do in my free time but soon fell in love with the sport.

Your proudest moment in sport: My proudest moment in my sport was winning individual gold in Tokyo 2020. When I set out in the sport this was the dream, but one that seemed little more than a dream, so to finally achieve this accolade meant the world to me.

Favourite / iconic moment in sporting History: I've had a rather unusual journey into professional sport, I was never interested in sport until I came into fencing, and so never followed it. It just shows sport can be for anyone, you just need to find what sport is for you!

Your most inspiring sporting hero / figure: When I first started in the sport I was really inspired by the current world number one, Romain Noble of France, but also by my teammate Simon Wilson, who was the current UK champion and someone who helped me progress through the sport.

Follow my journey: Instagram - @PiersGilliver; Twitter - @Piers_g

Grace Harvey

Name: Grace Harvey

Sport: Para swimming

Length of career: I started para swimming in 2009 and made my first international team in 2018, which was Europeans where I won a bronze medal in 100m backstroke. Since then I have been to two world championships, a Commonwealth and a Paralympic Games.

Top 3 accolades:

1) Winning silver - Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

2) World Champion - 2022

3) Winning silver - Commonwealth Games

How you got into your sport: Swimming has always been my sport. My parents put me into swimming lessons when I was very young as it was an essential life skill. I didn’t know that there was anything more to swimming than just my weekly lessons until I watched the Beijing Paralympic Games. That was the first time that I had seen someone racing in swimming and also the first time that I had seen somebody else with the same impairment competing. I thought to myself, if Liz Johnson (the lady who I watched on the TV) could go to a Paralympics, then I wanted to do that too. So at nine years old, I joined my local swimming club and I said to my first coach Janet Warrington upon meeting her that "I wanted to go to the Paralympics" and without any hesitation she said "yes." So I dived head first into that journey and I haven’t looked back since.

Your proudest moment in sport: When I won bronze at Europeans in 2018, I looked up into the stands and saw my parents, my two sisters and my nanny. I wouldn’t have been a competitive swimmer if it wasn’t for my nanny. She and my grandad took me to my first ever swimming competition. To me, it felt incredibly powerful and overwhelming to think that I had made it to a European podium and that she was there to watch it; the same way that she watched me the first time that I ever raced.

Favourite / iconic moment in sporting History: Being in the living room with my mum and sister watching Kelly Holmes win her second gold medal in Athens. We were all screaming at the TV.

Your most inspiring sporting hero / figure: Liz Johnson, she is the reason that I became inspired to go to a Paralympics.

Follow my journey: Instagram - @graceharveygb; Twitter - @graceharvey767

Nathan Maguire

Name: Nathan Maguire

Sport: Para athletics

Length of career: 10 years

Top 3 accolades:

1) Commonwealth Champion - 1500m, 2022

2) Silver medallist - 4x100m relay, Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

3) 800m T54 British record holder

How you got into your sport: At the age of eight, I experienced a life-altering event that left me paralyzed. It was during this challenging time that I discovered the incredible world of parasport and the Paralympics, thanks to my involvement with the Manchester Mavericks Wheelchair Basketball Club. This opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for me, I was fortunate enough to explore various sports such as wheelchair rugby, swimming, rowing, and even water skiing. In 2013, I had my first encounter with a wheelchair racing chair, marking the beginning of my journey into the sport of wheelchair racing, which I absolutely love.

Your proudest moment in sport: Without a doubt, my proudest moment in sport occurred during the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. It was there that I had the incredible honor of winning a silver medal in the 4x100m universal relay. Not only was this my first appearance on a Paralympic podium, but it was also an exceptional experience to receive my medal as part of a team. The sense of pride and accomplishment from contributing to the team's success is truly unparalleled and continues to be a defining moment in my athletic journey.

Favourite / iconic moment in sporting History: The Paralympic World Cup, which took place annually leading up to the London 2012 games. It holds a special place in my heart as it was during this event that I had the opportunity to witness wheelchair basketball on a large international stage for the first time. Seeing individuals who resembled me, with disabilities that did not hinder their exceptional abilities, was incredibly inspiring.

Your most inspiring sporting hero / figure: My sporting hero is undeniably Marcel Hug. An exceptional athlete that I haven the honour of competing against, his extraordinary achievements are a constant source of motivation for me. His remarkable success, including winning four gold medals at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games as well as being world record holder in the 800m, 1500m, 5000m, and marathon, is a testament to his unparalleled dedication and talent in the world of Paralympic athletics. It is my dream that one day I can emulate his incredible feats and achieve similar levels of success.

Follow my journey: Instagram - @Nathan_Maguire97; Twitter - @Nathanmaguire2; Facebook - @NathanMaguireWCR

Oluwafunmilola Oduwaiye (Funmi)

Name: Oluwafunmilola Oduwaiye (Funmi)

Sport:  Para athletics 

Length of career: 2 years

Top 3 accolades:

1) Finished 4th in shot put and 6th in discus – 2023 World Para Athletics World Championships

2) Making Worlds team after 18 months competing

3) Ranked #2 in the world 2023

How you got into your sport: I used to play basketball but I had surgery that went wrong, which damaged my leg permanently. My physio/ former teammate suggested I try para sport and put me in touch with the late Anthony Hughes MBE who introduced me to my coach, Josh Clark, and I just started training from there.

Your proudest moment in sport: When I was selected to represent Great Britain at my first major competition and World Para Athletics Championships in Paris 2023.

Favourite / iconic moment in sporting History: Not necessarily my favourite moment but and iconic moment in my sporting history was falling flat on my face while competing at world championships in summer 2023.

Your most inspiring sporting hero / figure: Serena Williams

Follow my journey: Instagram - funmi_oduwaiye; Twitter - @FunmiOduwaiye

Alison Peasgood

Name: Alison Peasgood

Sport: Para triathlon

Length of career: Started competing internationally in 2014. Had previously done para athletics but stopped in 2008.

Top 3 accolades:

1) Silver - Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

2) 2x World champion - 2014, 2016

3) 3x European champion - 2015, 2016, 2018

How you got into your sport: I grew up in a sporty family and loved being active. In high school I had an amazing running coach that developed my running but also gave me a sense of belonging. I started competing internationally in para athletics and nationally in able bodied racing. Whilst studying physiotherapy at university I kept getting injured so took a break from competing and focused on my studies. When I moved back to Scotland in early 2012 I joined a triathlon club to meet new people. I instantly loved being on a tandem. I was then inspired by watching the Paralympics in 2012 to get back into competitive sport and so in 2013 I went to talent ID day with British triathlon and haven’t looked back since.

Your proudest moment in sport: Winning a Paralympic medal was pretty special but I probably didn’t appreciate that enough in the moment. When I won Worlds in 2014 I was overwhelmed with how far I’d grown over that first season and how well my guide and I executed the race. Still makes me smile thinking about it now.

Favourite / iconic moment in sporting History: I’m actually a big tennis fan (and a proud Scot) so was pretty special watching Andy Murray win Wimbledon.

Your most inspiring sporting hero / figure: There isn’t one individual but in the last few years there has been huge increases in mums returning to elite sport and it makes me proud to be a female and the confidence that this journey I am on is possible.

Follow my journey: Instagram - @triali87; Twitter - @ali_p87

Zac Shaw

Name: Zac Shaw

Sport: Para Athletics

Length of career: 10 years

Top 3 accolades:

1) World medallist

2) European medallist

3) Commonwealth medallist

How you got into your sport: Playground to Podium scheme after being inspired by London 2012.

Your proudest moment in sport: Getting the call to represent Great Britain for the first time.

Favourite / iconic moment in sporting History: For track and field, my favourite moment was Usain Bolt winning World Champs at Beijing 2015. My all time favourite sporting moment was John Terry slipping in Moscow followed by Ryan Giggs slotting his penalty away, unreal.

Your most inspiring sporting hero / figure: Growing up as a United fan, it has to be Cristiano Ronaldo.

Follow my journey: Instagram & Twitter - @shawzac

Zak Skinner

Name: Zak Skinner

Sport: Para athletics

Length of career: 8 years

Top 3 accolades:

1) World Bronze medal - 2023

2) 2021 European Gold – T13 Long Jump

3) 2021 European Gold – T13 100m

How you got into your sport: I always really enjoyed sport, and participated in a range of different ones when I was a younger. Then I found athletics at school and immediately fell in love with it. The passion grew and I joined my local athletics team in Tonbridge and that was when I heard about Para athletics and that I would be eligible to compete. I went to one of the talent days organised by British athletics to find potential new athletes and that’s where it began.

Your proudest moment in sport: Last year, I achieved a global podium position, a target of mine for the past seven years. Not only this, but I did so after battling several injuries throughout the year in the run up to the championships. It was tough mentally and physically so to get through that period, to do so and be able to perform to that standard is something I’m very proud of.

Favourite / iconic moment in sporting History: The Olympic Games, was always a highlight of my childhood. Being able to witness 2012 in London was so inspiring and to attend my first Games and watch it was truly amazing. Super Saturday definitely has to be a huge highlight seeing Great British people perform when it matters most, on the big stage is truly inspiring!

Your most inspiring sporting hero / figure: 

Follow my journey: Instagram - @zakskinner1; Twitter - @zak_skinner

Claire Taggart

Name: Claire Taggart

Sport: Boccia

Length of career: 2015 - present

Top 3 accolades:

1) World Champion - 2022

2) Medalling at every international event since 2021

3) World ranked number one - 2023

How you got into your sport: Initially I wasn’t the biggest fan of boccia, as my only experience of it was at a grassroots / local club. However when I competed in the UK Championships in 2014, I realised that boccia is much more tactical and competitive than I thought, and could be something that I would be good at.

Your proudest moment in sport: My proudest moment in boccia is from 2019. Northern Ireland (where I’m from) hosted the UK championships for the first time ever, and I won my classification (BC2) in front of all of my family and friends. Being able to compete at home, it was an amazing experience, and something I hope to do again this year.

Favourite / iconic moment in sporting History: For someone who plays sport at the highest level, I’m not particularly interested in watching other sports. However, I work as the Disability Access Officer for my local team Larne FC, and last year we won the Premiership league for the first time ever. Being a small part of the journey at Larne FC has motivated me in my boccia career also, and I feel like the club and supporters are also supporters of boccia also.

Your most inspiring sporting hero / figure: Lady Mary Peters, Olympic gold medalist at 1972 Munich Games. Her tireless charity work and inspiration for many young NI athletes, means that she helps them with bursaries to afford sporting costs, so the athletes dont have to worry about finances and can focus on their sporting journey.

Follow my journey: Instagram - @ctaggart830